Online member registration

Swim Community improves the service provided to members by facilitating registrations through online registration. Instant and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the system lightens the administrative work of the club and gives parents complete freedom to register with their children.

A member’s file contains all the information important for administrative management and sports. In particular, it contains a space for FFN license numbers.

Link between Swim Community and EXTRANAT thus simplifying the transmission of information between clubs and the FFN.

Specific profile "Home"

It is the ultimate customer relations tool. The person at the club’s reception desk must easily find a member’s information and be able to answer questions quickly.

Quick access to different features :

  • Check the availability of remaining places per group and per session.
  • See the missing documents at registration (medical certificate, parental authorization, identity documents, etc.).
  • Validate registrations and make collections.
  • Generate invoices or credit notes.
  • Make group and schedule changes.
  • See the status of members and settlement incidents.

Advanced club management

  • Water line storage

    Swim Community allows the club to clearly identify its resources (its time and water supply) available to create and develop its services.

  • Management of activity groups

    The club can create groups by determining many operating parameters (number of sessions, age category, type of practice, trainer, etc.).

  • Managing calendars

    Once its resources have been identified, the club will be able to maximize its service offer and define the best possible agenda. The visualization of this diary, modifiable in a very simple way allows the club to manage with maximum efficiency its organization.

  • Management of exception periods

    The daily life of the clubs is marked by periods during which the annual agendas can be modified for restricted periods (Public holidays, vacation period, long holidays…).
    It is not possible to computerize the management of annual schedules without developing a tool to adapt the schedules.
    Swim Community allows you to create windows” in the annual calendar during which the organization and group schedules are changed.

    Easy to use by using the method for determining annual agendas, the exception management module allows you to adapt the organization of the club during these periods.
    Efficiency, time savings, this module responds and solves one of the “puzzles” of swimming club management.

  • Gestion des tarifs et remises

    The prices are easily configurable when creating training groups. The club can set up adapted rates thanks to the discount management module (global discount and individual discount).

Data administration and digitization

  • Data storage

    Swim Community allows the club to collect, store and keep data of club members.

    The registration carried out directly by the members also makes it possible to obtain databases containing reliable information and correct e-mail addresses (they serve as an identifier). The club saves considerable time in information entry and information quality. It also provides a means of communicating that is reliable, inexpensive, and simple to use.

  • Document management and storage

    Time-consuming and space-consuming, the management of documents required for registration is now digital.
    Not blocking during registration, each member is given the list of parts to download (list determined and configured by the club).
    These documents are stored in the Cloud and available on simple consultation of the member’s file.

    Saving time and storage space, it also protects the club legally.

  • Accounting

    Transfer of billing and settlement information to accounting (EBP, CIEL, SAGE).

    Simple and adaptable to the vast majority of accounting software used by clubs.